prices are based on meals for 4 people.  Adjustments can be made to cook for more or less depending on your individual needs.  Prices are per cook session.

3 entrees and 3 sides (12 meals): $275 plus groceries

4 entrees and 4 sides (16 meals): $310 plus groceries

5 entrees and 5 sides (20 meals): $350 plus groceries

a one-time container fee of approximately $75-$200 or a disposable container fee of approximately $15 will be added.

a la carte pricing:
additional items - sides, salads, desserts, etc... can be added to the session.

additional side dish (serves 4): $25-35 plus groceries

whole desserts (serves 4-12): $35-$75 plus groceries depending on type and time necessary to prepare

from scratch quick breads and muffins: $30 plus groceries

pricing for events:
Other events, such dinner parties or brunch can be accommodated.  Pricing is on a case-by-case basis and will depend on number of courses, menu, and number of guests.

Gift certificates:
Gift certificates make a perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries, new parents, recovering patients or anyone who could use a hand in the kitchen.  Gift certificates are available in any amount. 

Please call or e-mail for further information.  Chef Kristi receives e-mails on her mobile phone and will respond as soon as possible - usually with in a few hours or less.

phone: 847-767-1023             email:
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