Cooking Lessons

Do you have the time and desire to cook for yourself and your family, but lack the know-how or confidence in the kitchen?  Chef Kristi can give you a few lessons and you'll be a culinary pro in no time!

How it works:
If there's something you've always wanted to prepare, by all means, let's start there!  Otherwise, we'll talk about what your goals are in the kitchen and select a menu that suits your needs.  The goal will be not only to teach you how to prepare specific recipes, but to teach techniques that can apply in various recipes.

Chef Kristi will prepare a shopping list, and either shop alone, or accompany you to the grocery store so that you know how to choose the best ingredients. 

Then, we head to your home to prepare up to 3 items.  At the conclusion of the lesson, Chef Kristi will clean up the kitchen, and you can either store your meals or eat with your family right away.

Lessons start at $225 per 3-hour session for one-on-one coaching.

Cooking lessons make a thoughtful gift for newlyweds!

Please call Chef Kristi at 847.767.1023 or e-mail at to discuss your  goals in the kitchen.