How it works:
To start, a complimentary, no-obligation consultation is provided to assess your needs. We’ll meet to discuss your dietary and allergy requirements, taste preferences and the style of service that will best suit your needs.  We'll then set up a "cook date" - a date and time when your chef will come to prepare your meals.

We then prepare a menu for the selected number of entrees and sides and send it to you for approval.  Once you approve the menu, we gather the recipes, create a grocery shopping list and heating instructions.

On the morning of the scheduled cook date, we shop for the freshest ingredients available and bring them and all of the equipment required to thoughtfully and carefully prepare your selections to your home. Everything is prepared to your specifications in your kitchen without any added chemical preservatives.  

Your customized meals are then stored in containers and each container is labeled and dated.

For weekly service, most items are refrigerated.  For biweekly, monthly, or as-needed service, meals are stored in your freezer for use whenever you need a healthy meal in minutes.

We’ll leave your kitchen just as it was found. The only evidence you’ll find that we’ve been at your home is the aroma of your freshly prepared meals.  

Because we shop just before arriving at your home, we are happy to pick up any incidental items you need such as milk, bread, diapers, pet food, etc. for reimbursement only.